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cannabutter cookie recipes

Three Easy Cannabutter Cookie Recipes

The regulated recreational cannabis market feels like a real society high when you can just waltz into a dispensary and purchase prepackaged edible treats. For those who’ve been making their own DIY weed brownies since before the dawn of legalization, however, getting in the kitchen to work with some cannabutter can be a fun, nostalgic activity. Not to mention a cost-effective way to stock up on edible goodies! Here are three simple cannabutter cookie recipes for you to enjoy. Read More


Sweet Leaves and Chill Treats: Ice Cream & Cannabis Pairings

Summer is coming to a close. It’s sad but true. But while the hottest days of summer are most likely behind us, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to cool off with some delicious ice cream. So, in the name of endless summers, we’ve put together a list of cannabis and ice cream pairings we think you’ll appreciate. Grab a cone, roll a cone, and soak up the good vibes. Read More

joint rolling accessories

An Ode to Joints, Pt. I: Joint Rolling Accessories

When it comes to consuming cannabis, few methods are as classic as a joint. Whether you’re an old timer or a newbie, everyone should be able to roll up a doobie—or at least have the proper tools handy for someone else to step up. All you really need is a pack of Zig Zags and some tasty herb, but if you’re looking to take your roll game to the next level, here are some accessories to get you started.
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tetra grand opening

Tetra Grand Opening Event

While everyone is busy losing their minds over traffic, campgrounds and the eclipse of a lifetime or whatever, we at Tetra are focused on an even bigger event—the Tetra grand opening party! Okay, okay, so maybe we can’t compete with a solar eclipse blazing its path of totality directly through the state of Oregon, but we can certainly help you better prepare for the cosmic spectacle of the century.

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