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Newest Flower Strains at Tetra: January 15th, 2020

Each week, we introduce some of the best new cannabis strains into our selection of premium flower so you can experience a variety of highs in your everyday life.

This week, we’re proud to carry a number of high-quality flower strains from a few of our favorite vendors, including Fire Flower and Meraki Gardens. Learn more about these strains below and be sure to visit us on Tuesdays for 10% off all top shelf flower!

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The Holiday-Themed Treats Getting Us Through the Winter Season

Winter can be rough, to say the least. From the constant onslaught of rain to the unavoidable bitter chill that comes with the season, winter is often seen as something we all just have to get through rather than a time to be enjoyed. And while it’s not all bad, considering we have the holidays to thank for alleviating some gloom and doom, it’s safe to say some of us need more pick-me-ups than others to survive the remaining frigid days of winter. If this sounds anything like you, we think we have just the trick to lift your spirits this winter season.

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The Best 420-Friendly Ways to Ring in the New Year

It’s that time of year again – the time where we all shed the disappointments of the past year and collectively turn up into the new one. While many choose to celebrate by spraying champagne on their friends and family, we’ve got a few alternative ideas in mind for those who want to have a fun, but relatively chill New Year’s Eve this year. If this sounds like your kind of party, here are some suggestions for how you can have a very 420-friendly start to 2020:

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The Cannabis Genome And Its Future

Welcome to the year 2068, where semi-agrarian societies ride triumphantly on genetically cloned wooly mammoths while smoking the finest herbs, crafted all the way down to the subatomic level. You may be a little dazed, but don’t panic. Take solace in knowing things are actually pretty great. Nationalism is now a superficial trend you can only find at a Hot Topic, and the use of prisons has virtually given way to empathic virtual simulation therapy. Read More

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