The Cannabis Genome And Its Future

Welcome to the year 2068, where semi-agrarian societies ride triumphantly on genetically cloned wooly mammoths while smoking the finest herbs, crafted all the way down to the subatomic level. You may be a little dazed, but don’t panic. Take solace in knowing things are actually pretty great. Nationalism is now a superficial trend you can only find at a Hot Topic, and the use of prisons has virtually given way to empathic virtual simulation therapy. Read More

craft cannabis

Why Industrialized Farming Isn’t Craft Cannabis

Growers across Oregon operate under an unusually high craft standard.Our industry cousins in beer and wine are the ones to thank for that. While prohibition kept us at bay from their scene, word was still getting out about our flower. But flower quality is only as good as the grower’s methodology. The spectrum ranges between the highly sterile and industrial to outdoor farmers packing chamomile flowers into sausage casings, for the purposes of pacifying soil digestion.

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