The Best Places to Visit In and Around Troutdale

Troutdale doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the coolest tiny towns in Portland. Otherwise known as the Gateway to the Gorge, Troutdale is the last stop before hitting the Historic Columbia River Highway and first stop on the way back from iconic hikes such as Angel’s Rest and Multnomah Falls. Because of this, people often use it as a quick pitstop for gas or fast food, but little do they know Troutdale has plenty to offer when it comes to entertainment, restaurants, and more. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite destinations in and around Troutdale, so you’ll know what to explore next time you’re in the neighborhood.

McMenamin’s Edgefield

McMenamin’s Edgefield (Photo: Ryan Harvy/Flickr)

Built in 1911 as a county poor farm, McMenamin’s Edgefield used to be home to over 600 people who worked on the farm during the Great Depression. These days, the former poor farm functions as one of the best concert venues in Portland, in addition to being a hotel with an in-house winery, distillery, brewery, movie theater, pool hall…you name it. And if that still doesn’t appeal to you, the hotel hosts seasonal dinner parties that incorporate produce and fruit all grown on the property.

Sugarpine Drive-In

Located along the banks of the Sandy River is Sugarpine Drive-In, Oregon’s premier destination drive-in restaurant with praise from the likes of Eater Portland, Food & Wine, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, and The Oregonian. Their famous sandwiches include the pulled-pork sandwich – a mouth-watering meal with slow smoked pork shoulder on a buttery sesame seed roll – and a waffle grilled cheese with just enough cheesy power to sway the 2020 election. The drive-in is also famous for its soft serve ice cream and sundaes – both of which will leave you with the most worthwhile brain freeze of your life.

Thousand Acres

Tourists make the mistake of calling this ever-popular dog park Sandy River Delta Park, but locals know it as Thousand Acres. This off-leash park features 1,400 acres of open field, wetlands, blackberry bushes, trails, and two rivers – essentially, dog heaven on earth. However, the park isn’t just a dog park. It’s open to mountain biking, horse riding, or even taking a dip in the Columbia River so you can enjoy the park as much as your pup.

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge (Photo: SMcD22/Flickr)

The majority of people who pass through Troutdale are on their way to visit the Columbia River Gorge – the largest national scenic area in the United States with the greatest concentration of waterfalls in the nation. Multnomah Falls, Larch Mountain, Latourell Falls, and Angel’s Rest are just some of many gorgeous hikes in the Gorge that offer spectacular views of waterfalls, evergreen trees, and the Columbia River. The Columbia River also makes an excellent place to take the family for water sports adventures, with Hood River being regarded as the windsurfing capital of the world.

Tetra Cannabis

Tetra Cannabis (Photo: Tetra Cannabis)

You really thought we wouldn’t give ourselves a shout-out? It’s shameless – we wrote this article, we can do as we please. Defense aside, our dispensary is one of the best places we’ve visited in Troutdale, but we leave that opinion up to you. Come by to check out our excellent selection of flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and more. We guarantee to make a good impression.

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