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The Cannabis Genome And Its Future

Welcome to the year 2068, where semi-agrarian societies ride triumphantly on genetically cloned wooly mammoths while smoking the finest herbs, crafted all the way down to the subatomic level. You may be a little dazed, but don’t panic. Take solace in knowing things are actually pretty great. Nationalism is now a superficial trend you can only find at a Hot Topic, and the use of prisons has virtually given way to empathic virtual simulation therapy. Read More


What Are These Terpenes Everyone’s Talking About?

The more we learn about the effects of cannabis and the science behind them, the more apparent it becomes that there is more at play than the raw THC and CBD numbers we see on jars and labels. While the amount of THC definitely plays a large role in the potency of a strain, the various terpenes found in cannabis are just as important in determining how a particular variety of our favorite plant is going to affect you.
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joint rolling accessories

An Ode to Joints, Pt. I: Joint Rolling Accessories

When it comes to consuming cannabis, few methods are as classic as a joint. Whether you’re an old timer or a newbie, everyone should be able to roll up a doobie—or at least have the proper tools handy for someone else to step up. All you really need is a pack of Zig Zags and some tasty herb, but if you’re looking to take your roll game to the next level, here are some accessories to get you started.
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