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This Week in Weed: Oregon Governor Signs Two Cannabis Bills Into Law

Oregon grows a lot of legal weed, supposedly enough to last us more than six years if production stopped today. In an attempt to curb production, Governor Kate Brown signed a bill this week that gives the OLCC the authority to refuse to issue production licenses to applicants who submitted for approval after June 15th, 2018. This process will be based on market supply analysis, was officially signed on June 17th, and took effect immediately. Here are more details on SB 218:

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What Are These Terpenes Everyone’s Talking About?

The more we learn about the effects of cannabis and the science behind them, the more apparent it becomes that there is more at play than the raw THC and CBD numbers we see on jars and labels. While the amount of THC definitely plays a large role in the potency of a strain, the various terpenes found in cannabis are just as important in determining how a particular variety of our favorite plant is going to affect you.
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