An Ode to Joints, Pt. I: Joint Rolling Accessories

When it comes to consuming cannabis, few methods are as classic as a joint. Whether you’re an old timer or a newbie, everyone should be able to roll up a doobie—or at least have the proper tools handy for someone else to step up. All you really need is a pack of Zig Zags and some tasty herb, but if you’re looking to take your roll game to the next level, here are some accessories to get you started.

Roll Up in Style With A Rolling Tray

marley natural rolling traySometimes rolling a joint can be a bit of a mess. All that loose, sticky herb tends to get all over whatever surface you are rolling on, and god forbid you drop any of it. Rolling trays help solve that problem by keeping all the goods on one surface. Whether you opt for the classic RAW tray or up your game with the sleek wooden Marley Natural tray, you’ll be better equipped next time you sit down to roll up.


Break It Down With A Grinder

marley natural grinderWhile some people prefer to break up their weed by hand, using a grinder is undeniably easier. Grinders break down your herb into a consistency that is easier to manipulate and roll up in any kind of paper. This grinder from Marley Natural is the cadillac of grinders and will have you in awe of its quality. Its three-chamber wood construction is everything you could hope for in a smoking accessory.


Pre-Rolled Cone Papers For Extra Help

raw rolling conesEveryone enjoys smoking a joint, but not everyone can be a joint rolling pro. That’s where pre-rolled cone papers from RAW come into play. All you have to do is fill one of these suckers up with herb, twist the end, light, and enjoy. It’s about as easy it gets when it comes to rolling.


Machine Rolled Perfection

raw joint rolling machineRolling machines are only slightly more labor intensive than pre-rolled cone papers. These machines do 90 percent of the work for you and, with a little practice, deliver you a predictably perfect joint every time. Purists may poo-poo you for not rolling by hand, but you can laugh all the way to the bank while you watch their doobie canoe and go out halfway through.


Roll With the Best, Roll With Tetra

rolling papersTo be honest, these Tetra papers are all you really need to roll a perfect joint. Not only do you get quality, slow burning papers and crutches, but they also come in a super cool package that reps your favorite dispensary. Okay, that last piece might just be our opinion, but these are some seriously great papers. Pick some up next time you visit Tetra, and have 32 reasons to show off your joint rolling skills.

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