Simplify Your Lifestyle With Online Orders!

No matter which way you slice it, life for most people these day can be easily categorized as busy. Between work, school, family, home repairs and free time, things like swinging by your neighborhood dispensary become more of an indulgence and less of a bullet point on your to-do list. To combat the complications of your busy lifestyle, Tetra is happy to announce that we now offer an option for online orders!

Tetra’s online ordering system is simple. Just head to the online orders page of our website and sign in with your Baker login information. If you have not signed up for the Baker rewards program, you can register on our site. This will grant you full access to our menu, which is easily searchable by product and strain type.

After you’ve signed in, select the items you’d like to purchase and indicate your desired quantities. Once everything is added to your cart, you can review your final order, leave special instructions for the budtenders if necessary, and confirm your pickup. And that’s it—you’re all set to swing by and exchange cash for your order! Cut the line, remove the guesswork and get back to checking boxes off of your to-do list.

While the recreational cannabis market has gained legality in the state of Oregon, federal restrictions make it difficult for marijuana businesses to access innovations that enhance consumer experience. This includes the ability to accept credit or debit cards, as well as delivery or subscription services. Slowly but surely, businesses are finding legal routes around these federal regulations; but as an industry, our collective hands are largely tied.

Lucky for us, our collaborators in the industry, and, most importantly, our customers, the creative problem solvers at the forefront of Oregon cannabis businesses are finding ways to make this industry more legitimate. Online ordering is a big step for Tetra, but it’s just one of many we are planning to take in order to make our customers’ cannabis lifestyles more accessible.

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