Strain Highlight: Purple Voodoo

Have you ever smoked some really exceptional bud—enough to make you feel some type of way—and then completely forgotten about it?

You didn’t forget the weed, you remember that you had it. Or that you planned to smoke it—you’d been thinking about it all day! You just can’t remember if it actually happened.

Well, Purple Voodoo is definitely that bud.

THC: 16.60%

CBD: 0.80%

Terpenes: 0.45% Myrcene, 0.39% Alpha-Pinene, 0.18% Caryophyllene Oxide


Upon first look, you might be a bit miffed by how this herb got “purple” tossed into its name; but once you touch a lighter to those leaves, you’ll realize why. The taste of this strain is hard to sum up with anything other than simply: purple. It’s sweet but dark, similar to the heavy indica high you’ll experience. Be prepared to feel your stress melt away and your body hit vacation mode, because Purple Voodoo has some seriously relaxing qualities.

Suggested Activity:

Rent a copy of Hocus Pocus (1997) from Movie Madness up the street for a magically good time.


1G: $12    1/8: $35    1/4: $68    1/2: $130    OZ: $250

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