Tetra Cannabis Defined

What’s in a name? Would OG Kush by any other name smell as sweet? Would Tetra by any other name sell as high quality of cannabis? The answer to that last question is yes—but still, a name means a great deal for a new dispensary.

When it comes to our name, not everyone gets it right away. “Tetra…,” they say with a slight inflection before trailing off in thought. Most people know they’ve heard the word before, but can’t quite place it. Honestly, it’s so simple that it’s easy to overlook.

Tetra is derived from the Greek word for the the number four: tessera. It’s frequently used in modern chemistry—most relevantly in the word tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. For those of you stoned under a rock somewhere, THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis, and probably the reason you’ll be visiting our shop.

While the word may have its roots in ancient Greek, we raised the prefix from antiquity with a modern twist. Cannabis starts with tetra, but our name represents so much more than a play on the cannabis community’s favorite chemical compound.

With Tetra as a starting point, we let our imaginations run wild through the forest of possibilities. Once you get to know us, these will define, add to and better explain your experience in the shop. From our colorful approach to design, inspired by tropical tetra fish, to an inclusive mentality, supported by our belief that cannabis can be for any lifestyle, everything about Tetra was thoughtfully conceived.

Landing on Tetra wasn’t easy either. As it turns out, naming a cannabis dispensary is a much more difficult and involved process than we ever could have imagined. Between trying to find a name that wasn’t exceptionally, pun-tastically cheesy, and one that hadn’t already been claimed, options were limited. That’s without considering what a daunting task it is to land on a word or phrase that will define your overall brand.

I guess when it comes down to it, our name is our name. It’s what we are—a store that sells high-quality THC-related products. It’s our reputation—as a place people will want to visit and maybe even become a regular. And most importantly, it’s our word—to always provide a welcoming, enjoyable, colorful and easy-going experience every time. No matter how, when, why or where you use cannabis, Tetra has something to enhance your lifestyle.

We are Tetra Cannabis, for your lifestyle.

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