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The Best 420-Friendly Ways to Ring in the New Year

It’s that time of year again – the time where we all shed the disappointments of the past year and collectively turn up into the new one. While many choose to celebrate by spraying champagne on their friends and family, we’ve got a few alternative ideas in mind for those who want to have a fun, but relatively chill New Year’s Eve this year. If this sounds like your kind of party, here are some suggestions for how you can have a very 420-friendly start to 2020:

Edibles & Chill

There’s nothing like taking an edible before the ball drops to celebrate the end of 2019. While you may find yourself glued to the couch if you decide to take too much, going the edible route can make for a great night filled with laughter, leisure, and surprisingly deep conversations about life and its meaning. If you’re stumped on what edibles to stock up on before tomorrow night, we recommend stopping in to get some Fudge Yourself edibles from Laurie + MaryJane. These incredibly tasty treats come in a variety of flavors, including Orange Cream, Double Chocolate Charge and Chocolate Peppermint if you’re looking for something a little more holiday themed. Journeyman cookies are also a delicious option that will definitely leave you on a high note.

Make a Delicious Cannabis-Infused Meal

Trying out a new recipe isn’t exactly the “craziest” way of spending New Year’s Eve, but it can definitely motivate you to start on your New Year’s resolutions early. If you’re like me and haven’t yet sent your mom the cookbook you bought her for Christmas, we suggest adding a tincture to one of those mouthwatering recipes and enjoying the night from there! Whether you’re inviting over friends for a hearty cannabis-infused meal or spending the evening in with a significant other, making an infused recipe is a wonderful way of ringing in the new year and embracing all that’s to come.

Play a Cannabis-Themed Game with Friends

Since we’ve all basically memorized the cards from Cards Against Humanity after playing it so much, it’s about time everyone found a new game that’s fun to play with friends. One of our favorite cannabis games that we suggest busting out with loved ones is Higher Thought. This conversation-prompting card game is designed to get you and your closest confidants thinking about the universe and your purpose in it. Not for the faint of heart, this game will likely have you pondering the intricacies of life and nodding along to your friend’s improvised rap about climate change as you all listen to Enya and pass a blunt around. If this sounds like a perfect night to you, swing by our shop to pick up your Higher Thought game before tomorrow night!

Practice Some Much Needed Self-Care

As fun as it is to drink ourselves into oblivion on New Year’s Eve, waking up with a hangover isn’t quite as bearable as it used to be. If you’d rather spend the night loving on yourself instead of bathing in booze, we recommend investing in some cannabis-infused soaking salts from Empower Bodycare. Infused with topical relief oil, these soaking salts include aromatherapeutic essential oils that are certain to soothe your soul as you relax in your tub and think about how you want the new year to play out. When paired with the Empower Bodycare topical relief lotion, prepare to be feeling yourself all night and all New Year’s Day while everyone else lay dying in their beds.

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