Tetra’s Current Top-3 Indica Strains

Indicas get a bad rap for being overbearing sedative mind hammers. This isn’t fair—not when there’s technically only two cannabis species in the world (sorry, rudaralis). The dichotomy between Sativa and Indica has grown an unfettered divide among connaisseurs and weekend smokers alike.

Research has shown that the signature sedative effects from Indicas are due in part by their essential oils. Volatile terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids; a mysterious pharmacokinetic relationship we are only beginning to understand. These organic compounds can be found in fruit, beer hops, pepper, pine needles, lavender, etc. If you can think of a smelly plant, there’s probably a cannabis variety with a similar scent. The novel thing about cannabis, is its ability to reproduce these oils, in what ultimately amounts to a terpene cocktail.

Indicas are brazenly more efficient at producing terpenes such as caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool, lavender’s most active terpene. Combined in high percentages, these four can decrease aggressive behavior, depression, and nausea—symptoms that fundamentally require some couch lock from time to time.

If you fancy yourself not a fan, I implore you—neigh, beg you—to give one of these three Indicas a try. Each strain was handpicked just for you by a willing and experienced volunteer.

Jaeger from Shadowbox

Not much is known of this variety’s origin. Rumour has it this strain hails from Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, something we wouldn’t mind owning up to. Jaeger has a full bodied liquorous aroma, a signature trait among its genetic line. Those who subscribe to legend say this plant’s genealogy stems from a Hindu Kush crossed with either LA confidential or Blue Dream. Wherever this comes from, it sure does do what’s expected of an Indica-dominant hybrid. Users report a quiet-minded, full-body euphoria. THC percentages usually don’t top out above 20 percent, making the Jaeger a great starter bud for those who are Indica curious.

Blackberry Kush from Nobel Farms

When you cross some Blueberry with some old school Afghani, you get an Indica prodigy. The Afghan lineage makes this one of the truest Indicas in circulation. Blackberry Kush’s pheno produces purple accents that complement a firm, yet grindable bud structure. Once absorbed, users report experiencing a classic fuzzy body buzz. Those suffering from physical pain, depression or lack of appetite should consider supplementing this flower holistically into their daily regiment.  

Platinum Huckleberry Cookies from High Winds farm

This variety brought to you by the soil gurus at High Winds farms, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies isn’t what you’d call a “true” Indica. No such thing really exists anyway. However, its Oregon Huckleberry parent has lines stretching back to the Afgan high mountains—the arid region where most Indicas originate from. It’s truly a hybridized trifecta, headed straight for your To-Do list. Pain isn’t even a factor after blazing its sweet nectary goodness and pungent berry smell.

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