Tetra Product Review: Trout Joint Pack, 10 Pre-Rolls for $20

How does the saying go?

Give a man a joint and he’ll smoke for a day. Teach a man you can buy more with less, and he can smoke for a week, at least.

This is the idea behind Trout’s 10 joint packs. The humble folks at Trout have collectivized 10 decently rolled half-gram joints for only $20 plus tax. It’s really a no-brainer considering the current joint situation right now in Portland. Paying $8 or even $10 dollars for a single gram joint has been a travesty, if not morally corrupt.

Blessings from the free market ganja gods have flooded cannabis straight into drastic price reductions. Finally, customers are experiencing prices similar to prohibition trends, something people envisioned when cannabis was first legalized.

Buying a joint shouldn’t feel like buying an $80 artisan light bulb without its filament. Most joints contain trim anyways. So why pay a premium price for one shtick, if all you’re getting is something mediocre?

Each half-gram joint burns with a consistent fairness. Even if you don’t like the first, you still have nine more $2 attempts. Something tells us you won’t care at that point. Cast out your payday net on a 10-pack of Trout joints today, get them while they’re still in season!


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